Xbox Series X|S Energy Saver mode could save you nearly £60 per year

Xbox Series X|S users in the UK could save as much as almost £60 a year by switching their consoles over to Energy Saver mode, as opposed to using the Instant On feature.

The UK and parts of Europe are currently gripped in a cost of living crisis, and with energy price caps set to rise by 80% in the UK soon, things are looking bleak. One way Xbox Series X|S users can save a bit of money is by using the console’s Energy Saver mode, which could potentially save you nearly £60 a year, assuming you leave your console on standby.

How to switch to Energy Saver mode on Xbox Series X|S

As reported by The Verge, when in Instant On mode, which allows you to resume your games instantly, Xbox Series X|S consoles use up to 13 watts of energy. However, Energy Saver uses just 0.5 watts, but it does mean that you’ll need to fully boot up your console when you want to play.

Based on the UK’s upcoming price cap of 52p per kWh, The Verge has calculated that a Series X that’s left on standby in Instant On could end up costing you around £4.93 per month, which works out at nearly £60 per year. Switching over to Energy Saver reduces that cost to less than 20p a month or £2.30 per year. Of course, these savings are based on you leaving your Xbox on standby 24/7. In reality, this won’t be the case, but for most users, your console will be on standby for the majority of a day, so there are still potential savings to be had here.

Earlier this year, Microsoft made Energy Saver the default power option on all new Xbox consoles, so if you bought yours before March 2022, you may want to go into your power settings and check which option you’re using.

In July, Microsoft released an update for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One that reduced the overall boot time of each console.

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Will you be switching over to Energy Saver mode? It seems like a bit of a no-brainer to us! Let us know down in the comments.

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