Turtle Beach reveal the Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller, designed for Xbox One

You can’t do your homework on the headset. The Turtle Beach Stealth Gen 2 MAX will be a cracking call. They will soon have enough to add the Cloud Hybrid Controller, the Turtle Beach Recon, Designed for the Xbox 360.

If its a gaming accessory you need, Turtle Beach have your back and the push of the Xbox eco-system that can be seen in the cloud, its turtle beach, a developer for the Xbox Recon cloud, then has the capability to deliver the Designed For Xbox Recon Cloud.

Turtle Beachs Recon Cloud is designed for Xbox and Cloud gaming. As with other headsets, the developer is able to combine games and games that have the signature design, and the best music features that they’ve known, with a lot of wireless freedom.

The Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller is Turtle Beach’s first mobile gaming controller and newest addition to the highly-acclaimed and growing range of controllers. It’s designed and engineered by the same team as Turtle Beach’s award-winning Recon Controller, REACT-R Controller, and VelocityOne Flight products. The Designed For Xbox Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller will suit mobile gamers who play Android with compatible Android devices, on Xbox and PC.

With 30+ hours battery life, it combines a rapid, portable and rechargeable power with various tasks when on-the-go. But its not just on the move, it can also be connected to Xbox X|S, Xbox One or Windows PCs with its ten-foot braided USB cable. Enjoy a variety of exclusive Turtle Beach audio features, such as superhuman hearing, custom audio presets and more for the ultimate benefit.

The Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller will provide you with nine yen keptyng, available for pre-order now at Turtle Beach. A new one, expected to arrive on October 16th 2022, is expected to make $29.99 / 89.99.

The response to the first wave of console and PC gaming controllers was overwhelmingly positive, and now were further expanding our reach in this market so that mobile gamers have the same uncompromised, award-winning controls, said Juergen Stark, chairman and CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation. The Recon Cloud is the first product of our expanded mobile phone lineup. It’s coming soon to include new products for iOS and other consoles.

The Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller combines the best of both worlds for mobile gamers on Xbox and PC. Gamers can play longer and in total comfort thanks to Recon Clouds ergonomic design and cooling grips, while the Recon Clouds adjustable smartphone clip securely mounts all compatible Android phones, hardly any matter, even with a case. On the other hand, when the clip is disconnected, it turns into a tabletop stand.

The usual Turtle Beach feature, which includes exclusive audio features, is available at all. When Recon is connected to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows PCs in virtual mode, additional features include Superhuman Hearing for enemy players before they see you, EQ Presets to personalize sound, controls to generate game & Chat Balance to find just the right mix, and Mic Monitor to ensure no more yelling in other players come into play.

The complete list of Recon Cloud Controller features includes::

In addition to the gaming environment, players can use your own hands and ear. Pro-Aim expands the ability to play with an accelerated motion movement.The audio / video captures the best sound, and gives a clear sound to play with.An extension of the PC’s, you can use your keyboard.Attribution for free slurts: Multi-moved gaming: Play with its powerful keyboard and an automatic button for a better control.Responsive sensitivity: Great use of continuous music. Improve your audio and balance with multiple functions. The 3.5mm Headset Connection: The headset is equipped with a Bluetooth controller to help you to manage a remote symphony. Game & chat mix: Use intuitive control to create a visual-looking, comfortable track record with multiple encoding modes.

Will you stay at a pre-order?

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