Those Red Dead Redemption Remaster Leaks Are Fake. Sorry

Red Dead is a series that has become something of a gaming legend, and with good reason. Red Dead Revolver was a humble game that won the hearts of the few that played it at launch, and Red Dead Redemption was a formidable sequel that blew players away. 

It was the third game in the trilogy, Red Dead Redemption 2, that really hit home how special the games were. Ever since, the entire series has become an icon of what’s possible with visual presentation in video games.

It’s only natural that players want a refreshed edition of the earlier games, with fans having their hopes squashed by Rockstar’s announcement that the failure of GTA: The Trilogy brought an end to their remaster deliberations. A new leak has given them hope once again – and we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but they’re fake.

Is A Red Dead Redemption Remaster On The Way?

Sorry, everyone. This last weekend brought with it a whopping GTA 6 leak that could seriously affect the development of the game, and fans tripped over each other to dig them up and see what Rockstar was working on. It was this excitement that made it very easy to believe a leak that followed, apparently revealing a potential remaster of Red Dead Redemption in spite of Rockstar’s announcement that it wouldn’t be touching it.

The leaks looked pretty legitimate to the naked eye, but as pulled up by Twitter user videotech_, it seems they’re not what they seem to be.

The well-rendered images aren’t something that has come from Rockstar Games, but instead, a fan render developed in the Xbox 360 emulator Xenia. This means it would have been very easy to fake, and to be frank, about as easy to believe as well. 


Red Dead Remaster ‘Leak’ Creator Comes Clean

Since it has been revealed that the leak is fake, the supposed remaster’s creator has come forward on Twitter to claim that the tweet didn’t have bad intentions.

“This post was meant to be a spoof for how GTA 6 was leaked yesterday,” the user said. “I wasn’t expecting it to blow up this big considering most of my posts barely reach 20 likes let alone 20k+. Those familiar with this acc would’ve probably realised it for what it was.” It’s sad, but it’s safe to say that a remastered Red Dead Redemption is still relegated to our dreams. Sorry to be the ones to break it to you. 

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