The Xbox Core Wireless Controller Is On Sale

Today, Amazon has the Xbox Core Wireless Controller on sale for $47.99. That’s going to save you $12 or about 20% off of the regular price. Not a huge discount, but a discount nonetheless.

This is the regular Xbox wireless controller, and not the elite model. Of course, you should be able to tell that by the price. Xbox says that this will last about 40 hours of gameplay, which is pretty nice to have. That should get you through a few days of playing every single day for multiple hours on end and then some.

The Xbox Core Wireless Controller will work with all Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. So if you have a recent Xbox console, this controller will work. It will also work on Windows 10/11 PCs. It also has a USB-C port in the back, for direct connect. You can still use AA batteries to charge this controller. Which many wish Xbox would get rid of.

This controller is available in five colors: Carbon Black, Electric Volt, Pulse Red, Robot White and Shock Blue.

It also boasts a hybrid D-pad, as well as textured triggers and bumpers. Making it easier to play many first-person shooter games. There’s also a dedicated share button, and custom button mapping available. It’s not quite as customizable as the Xbox Elite Controller, but still has plenty of customization.

If you have an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console, then this controller is definitely worth buying, even at just $48. It’s always good to have a couple of extra controllers laying around. You never know when one is going to break or something.

You can pick up the Xbox Core Wireless Controller from Amazon today by clicking here. This sale is likely not going to last very long, so you’ll want to be quick on this one.

Xbox Core Wireless Controller – Amazon

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