The Temtem Review Gotta Card em All (PS5)

Temtem trainers around the world are waiting for release day since the creature collecting MMORPG was first announced in August of 2018. The Kickstarter campaign was launched and it was released on the first day of release day of the event. After many years of working on various forms of betas and early-access programs, Temtem finally released on September 6, 2022. We spent some time in the clouds on the stranded Archipelagos, which feature the most prominently in the game, and now we are working on our Temtem PS5 review.

Tash your arms!

If you’ve heard that before, keep me posted. You play in Temtem, where you take a fresh, imaginative and inventive training course, by choosing the local Temtem professor to leave your house and complete the adventure. A shabby, messiy company is never good for, but thankfully, it’s mostly run by incompetent goons that will have little trouble dispatching with their squad of trusty Temtems. The player has a sweet arch nemesis that catches up for the most inopportune moments in order to get the best of them. This story is almost a copy of what you’re using the Pokemon game, but sadly, the names haven’t been changed. This might seem to be the most disappointing aspect to Temtem. Fortunately, the many locations that float above the planet are interesting enough to distract you from the biscuit-hardness of this story.

When I began my adventure in Temtem, I found out I didn’t like the name of things much. There were places like Mar, Temtem with names like Smazee and combat phrases like Temtem up, which seemed to have all come to me, as well. Yet when I look at this, they were all as strange as mine. With the exception of the 25 years I have known about Pokemon. I was intrigued when I first entered that Japanese franchise two and a half decades ago. In the course of my time in Temtem, many of the names have grown on me, such as the bizarre final evolution of Paharo, the famous in-beautiful species of Temtems. She starts Paharac before starting forming Granpah. The plumage becomes much thicker with a large body and wingspan. A smile of a grandpah is exactly the same as that of an older gentleman. Its strange-ball additions that look great with Temtem.

You can’t even really confuse what you play with Temtem. A celestial world floats between clouds is a cool idea, as is a transport method of boarding ships. The beauty of its quaint, yet vast grounds is a welcome addition. The cross-roads between Dojo and Dojo will make you double back or explore the areas off the road, and most likely feature a random trainer and Temtem areas for a good measure. Each new area focuses on certain types of Temtem, depending on the geographical characteristics of the most popular island you are currently on.

Music is admirable in Temtem. While overworld music is not as catchy as other games, the name of the creatures and the locations tends to become more popular. Given the fact that many of Temtems’ locations are hovering around the clouds, expect to hear many leaves rustling and the plane sauntering by. Battle music is designed to bring you a lot of fluidity. Temtems audio is the trick here. Temtem creatures are very vocal, like they speak when they exit TemCards or even when they are attacked or if they interact with outside combat. Human characters are not expressions, but they take turns, and make a different noise, as well as grunts, laughs and other noises.

Their identity is the same as anyone else.

The Unity Engine is used by Crema in terms of development, and performs a good job with a job with the support of the show. The DualSense controllers speaker, used to hear summing onscreen sounds such as walking, temtem calls, card animations, emotes and other actions, is easily left without being used in any meaningful way. The PS5 is screaming-fast SSD and the engine does scale to 4K resolution, but Temtem has an overall presentation just that is good enough. There are no options here for a performance or quality visual mode, or one shouldn’t have real success in games like these, where first and foremost, collecting is the matter. It would have been cool to play a TemCard (Temtems version of Pokeballs used to catch creatures) with the touchpad used for the Astros Playroom PS5, but Temtem was designed for multiple platforms.

Multiplayer has a constant presence in Temtem, because it requires the need to have an internet connection. Many places can see trainers from around the globe with screennames over the head and Temtem nearby. Generally, you’ll forget all the other players to continue making progress in the main games without having any issue. If the player has a companion, it will have a Temtem you never seen before. You can press the cross button when close enough to log the Temtem in your Tempedia, where we can find information on all the worlds creatures. You can use emotes, a chat or trade and battle to a certain location. Fortunately, grief doesn’t seem to be a thing in this community, and most people walk around the place, so they’re coming and going as they progress their own campaigns. We can sit on a bench or chair next to the local Tempero to be a spectator because you’ll see a bit of interesting character designs, so you can listen to your eyes on a local space.

Battles are good, but Temtem keeps things very simple. Most game’s first two-v2-powered, but once in a while, the player might be tempted by one other player. The group of two Temtems can play an important role in this work. The ability, for example, can poison an opponent if its partners are part of a certain business. Each Temtem can also carry one piece of equipment to further improve their abilities. There’s lots of variables in picking up the Temtem squad, and owing to that attention the games system is appreciated.

Prepare your food for the Grind.

Since Pokemon have Power Points (PP) to limit the number of times a move can be used without healing, Temtem does away with this and allows creatures to use the attack as many times as they want. Other restrictions or considerations have been tacked on. Every Temtem has a limited amount of stamina (STA), and every move has the same stamina price. Unless a Temtem doesn’t have enough STA to attack, their trainer can tell them to rest to a turn, since the STA regenerates from one turn to the other. However, they may also command the Temtem to use a move, regardless of the move. This will lead to the move being executed, however, the Temtem will harm itself in proportion to how much extra STA was used. This is a good result, and is often so good that the Temtem looms out of its shell. So if you ever look for healing items, and a Temtem is fast knocked out, you can go for broke and use its strongest move to help you win a really close battle. This is an interesting strategy that can be used later in the campaign.

Like most creature-collector games, you’re getting out what you put in. Even though a couple of choices are possible, these are not worth the time to learn, but the skill to learn Temtems and to win with brute force is an option that is also rewarding for some players. There are ways to increase stats beyond simple leveling, and of course most Temtem are to develop at least once by reaching a certain level. Although most players expect a minimum of 30 hours to complete the main competition, the collection of all the 164 Temtem currently available will without doubt take much longer.


Temtem never was thinking to usurp Pokemon as the best monster catching game. But since it gets around the corner, it should be considered a success. Having been successful in this way, then Crema has actually succeeded. This is a great start, and while continuing support and perhaps some expansions down the line, Temtem could become a highly addictive turn-based collect-a-thon with MMO elements mixed in. There isn’t any genusbe to collect. But Temtem has a beautiful world to lose in. Even though battles can sometimes be challenging, seeing other trainers scurry about that area is a fun reminder that you’ve been playing something just different enough for this game to stand on its own.

Score: 7.5/10.


  • A quaint, eye-full-looking world.
  • Whimsical music
  • Bold combat mechanics


  • Story story of cookie cutters.
  • Temtem isn’t fast enough.
  • Order on-line a second time.

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