The multi-citronic adventure game was announced on Switch, PC

Publisher Fellow The creator and his friends announce the recurrent hypercinematic narrative adventure game 1000xRESIST for Switch and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Humble Store). It’ll go on sale in 2023.

It’s a game overviews, along with its store pages.


Explore a lucid adventure. You’re a wolf. You live at the end of the world. You have the last man ever to survive – the all MOTHER. When a dangerous rumor breaks your faith, you go back and forth between time and memory to expose a 12,000-year-old lie. Relive. Reclaim. RESIST.

Relive the memory of god. Reclaim your legacy on time. Resist a billion-something lying.

The year is unknown and the air is unbreathable.

The only thing remaining remains in your life: sisters, born into the shadow of a mysterious disease, and sharing all that remains with each other in eternal life. Life in the Garden is simple. Stay inside. Serve your place. Don’t do anything like that.

You’re a lone soldier.

Your name and function is WATCHER. You give yourself a new life and give him her glory. Whenever your closest sister, FIXER, comes across a dangerous rumor.

You will continue to work every hour.

and discover an unprovoked truth. One has tampered with history.

Can you save the sisters or burn it to the ground?

1000xRESIST is a preconceived story adventure. You’re changing with time. Experience the past, present, and future. Take up memory, identity, and inherited histories while studying dynamic environments with each other with their own unique styles and feelings.

The emotionally complex world 1000xRESIST puts you at a total of a thousand difficult decisions and a large number of short endpoints. Your actions will affect the fate of the next generation.

1000xRESIST is an epic story, which combines the works of the famous Yoko Taro games, the anime of Satoshi Kon and the comedy of Naoko Yamada, and the cinema of Robert Wilson (Einstein on the Beach) and the upcoming Neon Genesis: the original song “Donus” is a full voiceover of a brilliant African-Canadian actor.

Watch the announcement movie below. Look at the first photos in the gallery.

Announce Trailer

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