The impact of the giant GTA 6 leak: PC Gamer reacts

This is art from GTA Online, not GTA 6. (Image credit: Rockstar)

In the two decades plus I’ve covered gaming, I’m not sure I can recall a leak more startling than this weekend’s dump of 90 videos from a test build of GTA 6 (opens in new tab). You could make a case for the Half-Life 2 source code leak in 2003, which Valve considered damaging to the tune of $250 million, but I’m not sure much else comes close. In that instance the damage to Valve team’s morale (though ultimately not the game’s critical or commercial reception) was well-documented, so we can imagine how aggrieved Rockstar’s team must be feeling at seeing their unvarnished work stolen and shared. 

Though nothing new for the games industry, and increasingly the wider entertainment media now that everything is digital, working from home and the proliferation of productivity software during the pandemic has surely only increased the risks. What do we make of it all? Here the PC Gamer team chat about how leaks have increasingly become part of fan culture, the likely impact on what’s currently the biggest game in development, and whether we should all try to avert our eyes. 

“I feel bad but I can’t help myself either” 

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