The GF 5 fans reflect on the Nine Year Anniversary

Grand Theft Auto V is now nine years old, and fans are reflecting on the latest events in 2013, which saw the game launch in 2013. The last grand Theft Auto game was announced in 2011 by Rockstar Games. Many were chomping at the bit to see how Rockstar would continue its successful predecessor and what leaps a new open-world game might offer. In reality, it only has been three and a half years since they launched games like Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire, and the games are being published. Now that fans were waiting for a plethora of information about Grand Theft Auto Virgent for nine years, it certainly makes the wait between GTA 4 and 5 a bit comical.

Unfortunately, fans today celebrated the Grand Theft Auto V game, which was released on September 17th, 2013 and became the fastest selling entertainment product of all time, with millions of dollars in sales in 24 hours and three days. The game was well received from fans and critics alike. The expansion of the campaign continued only after the release of GTA Online, which aired a few weeks later in October 2013 and gave fans time to experience the story. The game has sold more than 1,70 million copies up to now – the game still looks good, with the game being regularly updated with new updates online and on three different generations of consoles. Since it made great success, Rockstar Games could do whatever it wants. And it is all done right for the rest of its lives.

Rockstar Games confirmed that the next Grand Theft Auto is in development and has been around for quite some time. It’s not rumors that will be set in Vice City and feature a Bonnie and Clydelike due to the game’s playable characters. It’s likely that the game is still years away from releasing, but now it’s still up to us to get our first glimpse of it.

Are you proud of Grand Theft Auto V?

The Glorious Midnight Launch took place with the Glorious Midnight Launch.

Today, nine years ago, hundreds of thousands of people in the world were ready to go to the midnight launch of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V.

Do you remember the midnight launch of Noonyang? How time flies when you’re having fun! #GTAV

Rockstar Universe (@rstaruniverse) September 16, 2022. prevnext

That isn’t a very fun fact.


Grand Theft Auto V was released on September 17th, 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

FACT: Both GTA 2, III, Vives, San Andreas & Lastly, this has all been released within exactly 9 years of GTA V.

BROTHER (@BrotherHQ) Sept. 17, 2022 prevnext

The BIG one!

Great Thick Auto V Xbox 360 TV Spot #GTAV TFT3T psid z k r tvdvpgptvvvc hwrjov j tvvgcbo/, wlmdwrr

Liam (@billsyliamgta) September 17, 2022 prevnext

One of Gaming’s most iconic covers is Gaming’s most expensive.

I had a blast animating the #GTAV Cover for its 9th anniversary today.

John M (@JohnM90GTA) September 17, 2022 prevnext

Welcome to Santos!

#GTAV dropped 9 yrs ago today!

DJ PH (@JPooh) Sept. 17, 2022 prevnext

Gaming’s Other’s “V” (“games”) are the other “manifest” from the game.

How long has this new GTA5 released?

MSZ (@ThisIsMS2) September 17, 2022 prevnext

The baby was pale.


Go see #TAV | Esports Watchlists

EsportsTube (@esports_tube) September 11, 2022. prevnext

GTA 6 is still no longer in sight.

It was nine years ago. We haven’t seen GTA yet. Insane. – PlayStation

Blitz Guy (@BlitzGuyOG) September 17, 2022. prevnext

Don’t let any fools feel all right.

The company waited ten years for the release of the Grand Theft Auto V in Midnight.

How many people were at midnight meeting? #GTAV How many of you are participating in the party?

GTA News (@GTAonlineNews) September 16, 2022 prev

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