The boss of the Xbox Live continues to want Final Fantasy 14 on his platform

Final Fantasy 14 Microsoft wants it, Square Enix wants it, so why aren’t they in return? (pic: Square Enix)

Despite the three-year silence, Phil Spencer swears he’s still working to get Final Fantasy 14 ported to Xbox.

In 2019, Xboxs Phil Spencer assured fans that Square Enixs Final Fantasy 14 will be brought over to the Xbox platform someday.

Although director Naoki Yoshida said that the conversations between Square Enix and Microsoft were going well last October, there hasn’t been any real updates on the Xbox release yet.

During Tokyo Game Show, Spencer was asked about the situation and claimed both companies are committed to the idea.

Although he did not mention when we could see a computerized screen, he didn’t talk about what stage the discussions were, so he doesn’t mention that he spoke to the media in the beginning.

Since all parties in the party may like Final Fantasy 14 onto Xbox 360, what’s at the bottom of the line?

Of course we haven’t yet given up. This is the Microsoft and Square Enix commitment of both companies to the game fans, and we continue to coordinate in the future, said Spencer during Game Watch (via Google Translate).

Final Fantasy 14 is without doubt an attempt to start the next major story expansion (pic: Square Enix).

Due to their close working relationship with Sony (assuming there are rumors that that they were outright acquiring the former), it would be easy to assume they was the key roadblock in the bringing of Final Fantasy 14 to Xbox.

In a book released in 2021, Yoshida stressed that the reason for its failure is simply the long hauling process, but in fact there isn’t enough time to do it.

At the time, the team was very busy with not just the games PlayStation 5 port, but also the Endwalker expansion, which launched that December and became the final piece of the actual storyline.

Yoshida explained in a recent interview with Wccftech that all the issues with a game with cross-play were also holding up. That means Microsoft’s own regulations didn’t make it difficult to implement multiple-play-friendly online game like Final Fantasy 14.

I have already explained this, but we’re prepared to do cross-play, he said. The Microsoft regulations help to make a cross-play possible. If the regulations don’t have the meaning.

Final Fantasy 14 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox 5 and Xbox One.

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