Super Buff HD announced in Xbox One, Xbox One, Switch, and PC for PS5, Xbox Series, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One, Switch

The bestselling publisher Digerati and the Egyptian-based developer Buffcorp announced rapid-paced first-person shooter Super Buff HD for PlayStation 5, Xbox, PlayStation 2, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam). It is going to be launched in 2023.

Here’s a game overview, via his Steam page:


Super Buff HD is a shooter for first-person skaters.

The year is 202020. That’s a dwindling thing. All the buffs hate society. SHOFT FOR YOU.

Soar, wat, grind, shred, shoot, and grow, through a dream of feveryness. All of those who are buffing men should be ashamed. Make good work. You’re a winner. Come to lunch.

Key Features

  • Mobility to make you feel super-powered levels are playgrounds which allow you to jump, shred and bounce everywhere. Grind around the rails. Get a hold of your enemies. Use water jets, trampolines, poop fountains, and some else to propel you to the height of the air.
  • To Protect the Beast: With an armory that is modest, the effects vary from one to the next. From the trusty hammer with backup basketball bombs, to the revolving potato cannon with backup rifles.
  • A World of poop and pure imagination Your battle against the buff takes place across up to 20 yen of strangeness. The level is diverse and hilarious: mushroom, street, dinosaur-cowboy, sci-fi, mall and sewage.
  • The effectiveness of your self-gratification measure by putting your pro-cores into a high score. Build and keep your multiplier running, with even higher scores. Pull on your big boy pants and add some thunder.
  • Totally a bunch of over-suffocating boss dudes Face with a freak show of super-pumpey dudes. One tower block with bulging biceps rises. Smack down the sword-wielding trashcan titan. Make mincemeat from an all-flipping mushroom king.

Watch the trailer here. View the first image of the gallery.

Announce Trailer

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