Soulstice comes for Xbox 360 X/S, PS5 et PS5

This video game has released a new series of films. The series, which threw several cues from games like Devil May Cry, was put in the city of Ilden, who was completely ruined by the swarm of Chaos formed by the tear of the Veil.

In order to counter the disaster, sisters Briar and Lute arrive in the city. They are Chimera, single beings that house two souls. Players control Briar, who has large blades, while Lute is a powerful force. As players discover new weapons and new abilities for Briar, they can also upgrade Lute to unlock new abilities.

What drove the sisters to be Chimera? You must play and get involved. There’s a little challenge and a lot of platforming involved, without mentioning boss wars and barbres that are fought by the brutal foes. For more details, see the review here for Soulstice.

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