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Serbian development team Ebb Software’s incoming first-person survival horror game Scorn at long last has a release date. Better yet, it’s launching soon and is a day one release on Xbox Game Pass.

The “biopunk” first-person survival horror is inspired by the works of European visual artists HR Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński and looks every bit as atmospheric, creepy, and gory as any game where you play as a skinless humanoid lost on a nightmare planet should.

Below is everything we know about the Scorn release date, including details on its story, pre-orders, and more.

When is the Scorn release date?

The Scorn release date is 21st October 2022, as confirmed by Ebb Software and publisher Kepler Interactive. Just in time for Halloween, spooky season is upon us.

The release date for Scorn lands after years of speculation following its initial 2016 reveal and Kickstarter campaign. Scorn was originally planned for release in October 2018 but games enjoy being delayed and here we are.

Can I pre-order Scorn?

You can pre-order Scorn on digital storefronts only, it appears. This means that you can pre-order on the Xbox Store for the console version of the game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that physical copies of the game will be available on any platform.

On PC, meanwhile, you’ll need to pre-order either the Standard or Deluxe Edition (which includes the official digital soundtrack and a 192-page digital artbook) through the Epic Games Store,, and on Steam. Pre-ordering on PC nets you a 10 per cent discount to boot.

Is Scorn on Xbox Game Pass?

Before you pull the trigger on a pre-order, it’s worth remembering that Scorn will be included in Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost to members of that popular subscription service.

So rather than paying full-price for the game, you could subscribe to Xbox Game Pass instead, meaning you can try out a bunch of other games on the service as well as Scorn.

Which consoles and platforms can play Scorn?

Scorn is an Xbox Series X/S console exclusive. As stated above, the survival horror title will release on day one on Game Pass. If you don’t own an Xbox don’t fret, as Scorn is also available to play on PC via the Windows Store,, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

Those hoping to play Scorn on PS4, PS5 or on Nintendo Switch won’t be able to do so.

Scorn story and gameplay details

Scorn is a first-person survival horror game in which you play as a skinless humanoid born into a nightmarish world full of nasty things that are out to get you. This decayed hellscape is not one you’ll want to holiday in, that’s for sure.

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Scorn sells itself as an open-ended horror adventure, complete with different locations that contain their own themes, stories, and puzzles to complete. It’s not a game that will hold your hand, either. Scorn tells its story through gameplay; this is a living, breathing horror adventure in which you decide where to go and what to do.

What would a game be without combat? Scorn is survival horror, after all, so you’ll have plenty of creatures and machines after you. Luckily you’ll find and equip different weapons to fight off against anything untoward – be aware of your limited loadout though, and remember that your actions have reactions in the world around you.

Is there a trailer for Scorn?

There is a trailer for Scorn, which you can watch below in all its creepy glory. The most recent trailer doing the rounds online is the Scorn release date trailer, which is all in-game footage and shows you exactly what to expect when the game releases in late October. The trailer offers up a sound showing of what Scorn is all about. Watch it below:

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