RPG in Stars and Time leaps onto Switch next year

At Tokyo Game Show last week, a few terrific games were featured, such as Stars and Time and the RPG, the RPG set to hit Nintendo Switch next year. Considering that it embraces the LGBTQ+ community and takes a look at the importance of family and friendship, it is fair to say that we can’t wait to experience it.

For now we don’t have an In Stars and Time release date, as the Undertale-inspired game will hit Nintendo Switch and PC in the near future. We know that the game is focused on Siffrin, an adventurer who, together with their friends, went so far to remove a tyrannical king from the throne.

As the clock is starting again, tragedy strikes. Siffrin is all over aware of the time cycle where they and his loved ones are in. If you’re not careful, you must often repeat the same two days. In an all-through RPG, you won’t find yourself looking a lot good when you challenge enemies to rocks, paper and scissors.

In Stars and Time will not be announced.

For now, we know that Space and Time will release in 2023, but we will be updating the story as soon as we start to reveal more details.

If you need something that keeps you busy in the meantime, many adventures await you in our best Switch RPGs list.

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