PS5’s U.S. 2022 Best-Selling Console, says NPD

Good news continues to roll for the PS5, notwithstanding the fact that the console was August 2022s best-selling hardware platform, both in US and unit sales. This is specifically for the four-week period between July 31 and August 26. Last month, NPD reported that the PS5 was the highest-selling gaming console this year in the US.

Madden football 23 and Saints Row are the most-selling games for August 2022.

US NPD HW PlayStation 5 was the most popular console in the world in the year. Switch sold the highest number of units sold since 2022, while PlayStation 5 is the leader on the market in dollar sales.

Mat Piscatella (@MatPiscatella) September 20 2022

Similarly to sales from July 2022, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series had double-digit percentage growth this month compared to a year ago. Though the switch has been the highest number of units sold for 2022, the PS5 still retains the top of the table in terms of income.

From the beginning of 2008, spending by August 2022, the year-to-date total decline rose 9 %, with an increase of 9% compared to the summer of 2021. Likewise, sales for videogames and software dropped from 343 to 338 billion, while sales for videogames got down from 3 billion to 290 billion dollars.

The top video games for August 2022 are in terms of dollar sales, so the NFL has risen to first position in its debut month. The game received a very impressive score at the time of the last game. Piscatella also said this is the 23rd consecutive year that a Madden NFL game has debuted as a most-seller-rated title in the first month of its launch.

Another notable game in the Top 20 list is the Saints Row reboot which, despite all the bugs, still got second place and MultiVersus that became popular last month and became fifth place. The remaster for Marvels Spider-Man won third place, while Elden Ring continues to hold strong in fourth place. In fact, a game that exploded in February this year made a great difference.

EA confirmed that its work on several new Marvel games, including Iron Man and the GTA six hacking group, is being pursued by the FBI for multiple cyber crimes.

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