PS5 failed to start with the Folders Feature Because Sony avoided Crunch

A former Sony manager has revealed that PS5 folders weren’t a launch feature because Sony wanted to avoid crunch especially in the global war. Steven Trombetta, who worked six years in various managerial roles at Sony, developed many PS5 features including Activities. The PS5 finally got gamelists yesterday and a snarky headline by Kotaku immediately prompted a response from Trombetta.

This version was a high-demanded feature.

Hey @kotaku we built this console during the global disaster without an end to anything. It wouldn’t be nice if you were not rude about it. Human health was the priority of the worker and im glad it was. is a hard-nosed disease, but this time, we’re still feeling that one has an allergy.

A huge alternagod (@alternokod) Sept., 2022.

Interestingly, when a follower asked Trombetta if many players used folders, he said that they generally didn’t do so. Players want to be content with the three games they play every day, wrote him. Some people don’t do and will organize everything but those are rare power users. Using the platform and the SDK,Trombetta worked with the PS5 and PS5s, with the driver a second to the software.

It is important to note that the PS4 received folders feature three years after launch.

The PS5 finally received the much-awaited system update yesterday, but, in case you didn’t notice, a dual-sense update came with it that adds the following:

  • Add button customizations are activated now with the passcode input screen.
  • We updated the software for a wireless controller to improve stability. A problem causing a delay in the system software in some PS5 consoles was resolved.

In other news, The Witcher 3 PS5 will arrive this year, and the change in technology revealed that the revised PS5 model has not only been redesigned internally, but also made it more efficient.

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