Palworld adds Xbox One and Xbox One games

Palworld is going to be available for the Xbox X and Xbox One as well as its own PC (Steam) version when it launches in 2023, has developer Pocket Pair announced.

This game’s map has been viewed in its Steam version.


Palworld is a game that involves trying to live with mysterious creatures Pal or throwing up life-and-death foes with poachers.

You can fight Pals, breed, help with farming or work in factories. You can also sell them off or even slaughter them to eat! That is forbidden by law by the majority of people.

Key Features

  • Over Survival This world has many dangers such as food shortages, harsh weather and illegal poachers. If you wish to survive, you have to be prepared to do anything. Sometimes you need to take a Pal.
  • Riding and exploration Fly, swim, dig holes you can explore across all kinds of places – the sea and the sky by riding Pals.
  • If you want to build a pyramid, then that’s a must. Quite a lot of Pals work on the construction. Don’t worry, labor laws won’t apply to Pals.
  • Life Save money on your health by collecting Pals to light fires and produce power and mine minerals.
  • Farming Different Pals are good at things like sowing, watering, harvesting. Choose your pals to create attractive farms and orchards. There are Pals that can replicate themselves when they are planted.
  • Industrialization It’s important that Pals work manually. Build a factory and place some pals in it. They will work forever as long as they have a steady income.
  • Exploration in the depth of Dungeon, you’ll be safe in dangerous areas. You use Pals to cover your escape if you’re in danger. They will fight you to protect their lives.
  • Breeding and Heredity When you breed Pals, the parents are named after them. Mix rare species of species with the strongest species of species!
  • Poaching and crime Endangered species Pals live in the prohibited hunting area. Once you sneak in and catch them, you won’t get lots of money. Not only is it illegal, it’s only when you get caught.
  • Multiplayer This game allows multiplayer. Invite your friends on an adventure together. Of course you can play with other players and trade.

Watch the new trailer below.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 Trailer.

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