NBA 2K23 formally announces updates to address Stability issues on PS5 and Xbox X

In just over a week since its launch, the 2K team has been doing a lot of hard work addressing the issues and adding more content to the game. The latest update was released by NBA 2Ks Twitter, stating that a patch that addresses a problem with the PS5 and Xbox, dated Sunday, was created.

You can see the official tweet for yourself under the ‘Test below’.

Yesterday, an update was made of the FS5 and XBX XBX issues.

NBA 2K (@NBA2K) September 19, 2022.

While it’s interesting, the latest update doesn’t say any gameplay tweaks. There will come a few days after a hotfix was added to address both post and hook shots. Some tweaks like the above are pretty much in line with the games release. It is said that there were more than a dozen quest bugs and other minor fixes that were planned soon. Just last week, some new patches went out to address a wide range of problems, from random disconnects to several recurring errors, and finally, ephemera for some game optimization.

These games have more and more common uses than the same one with any of them. No matter how bad new releases are, they will be subject to certain bugs. And, every update is always the same as everything else that the game does. For now, the 2K fans can rest a little easier knowing that issues are being dealt with by the clock.

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