Handy Xbox Series X|S Feature Will Save You A Few Clicks

Microsoft has added a handy new feature to the Xbox Series X|S, which members of the Xbox Insider’s top testing tier are currently trying out. The update adds additional warning badges in the My Games & Apps section of the console, which will notify users if they don’t have a license or a disc for a game before they play it.

The feature comes in handy for titles that have left the Game Pass subscription service, and essentially saves users a few extra clicks. As an example, Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie showed a screen of the game library where Resident Evil 3 had a disc install icon on the key art thumbnail, while Rain on Your Parade had a different icon on its thumbnail to signify that it had left Game Pass.

Microsoft’s recent updates and in-development tweaks are currently focused on quality-of-life changes, such as an upcoming shorter animation sequence that allows the console to boot up five seconds quicker, as well as built-in Discord support. If you’re looking to grab an Xbox Series X|S for yourself before the launch of games such as Redfall, Starfield, and Overwatch 2, you can check out GameSpot’s Xbox Series X|S restock page to see when the consoles are up for sale near you.

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