Deathloop’s: Goldenloop Update Set to Release Tomorrow Alongside Xbox Debut, New Trailer Released

One of Bethesda’s latest and most unique titles, Deathloop, will be receiving a brand new major update tomorrow – September 20th, 2022. In addition to the brand new update titled, Goldenloop, the Xbox debut of the game will also take place tomorrow.

Originally only available for PlayStation and PC, Bethesda’s critically acclaimed title will be making its way to Microsoft’s Xbox platforms on September 20th. This is huge news as this used to be an exclusive title to PlayStation, even though Microsoft recently bought Bethesda ( I know confusing). The new Goldenloop update is packed with some new features, a new character, and some more goodies.

First off, a big announcement coming from the Goldenloop update is that players will be able to play the multiplayer section of the game cross-play. Yes, that means you can kill Colt across PC, PlayStation, and now even Xbox. For those who don’t know much about Deathloop, there is a multiplayer portion of the game that allows players to play as the antagonist of the game(Julliaana) and try to kill the main character. If you succeed in killing the other player (Colt), then they will be forced to start their playthrough of the game over. This is one of the most unique experiences in storytelling gameplay and now you can do it cross-play!

In addition, the Goldenloop update will come with new weapons, new abilities, new upgrades, and a new enemy — Aeon’s Roster Grows. The trailer is about a minute long giving viewers a quick sneak peek at everything new coming thanks to the update. As mentioned above, the launch of the Xbox version will coincide with the Goldenloop update, which will come preinstalled if you dowload the game early.

Check out the brand new update trailer for Deathloop — the Goldenloop Update, down below:

Deathloop is definitely worthwhile, as the narrative-driven FPS is a commercial hit and a critical darling. Aside from hitting Metacritic scores of 87 for PC and 88 for PS5, Deathloop earned multiple awards and nominations in the Golden Joystick Awards 2021, The Game Awards 2021, Game Developers Choice Awards 2022, DICE Awards 2022, and the 18th British Academy Games Awards.

The eponymous deathloop is a time loop created by the two main characters; playable character Colt and primary antagonist Julianna. Colt is an assassin who finds himself stuck in the one-day time loop, like Groundhog Day or Edge of Tomorrow, remembering everything that happens every day the longer he lasts in the loop.

To escape the loop, Colt has to kill nine targets called Visionaries, who are all stuck on an island with him. While he has one day to plan out taking the eight Visionaries, the ninth, Julianna, proves the most elusive. She is also the most important target because she also remembers everything that happens every day in the time loop.

Deathloop’s Goldenloop update alongside the Microsoft debut of the game is set for launch on September 20th across all platforms. Are you excited about the new update? Planning to jump back into the game and try your luck? Let us know in the comments below!


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