Deathloop Launches via Xbox Game Pass Tomorrow With Goldenloop Update

Deathloop is due to land on Xbox Series X|S tomorrow, following a one-year console exclusivity period on PlayStation 5, and with the arrival of Arkane’s murderous sandbox for Xbox, a Goldenloop Update will introduce some new stuff.

In the Goldenloop Update, you’ll find the new HALPS Prototype weapon, enabling you to blast enemies with glowing red laser death; the enemy-confusing Fugue Slab; new Paint-Bomber Eternalist enemy; the chance to earn double Trinkets; an Enhanced Masquerade Slab upgrade; and more besides.

Cross-play Invasion Matchmaking will also feature in Deathloop for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, so you can ruin other players’ loops on different platforms. Deathloop and the Goldenloop Update hits Xbox Series X|S on 20th September, available via Xbox Game Pass. Give the trailer a look below.

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