Concept artist reimagines Xbox 360 Blades dashboard for Xbox Series X

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is currently taking feedback for suggestions to improve the current Xbox Series X|S user interface. 
  • Concept artist Elliot Parker has created a conceptual version of the Xbox 360 “Blades” interface, but built for the Xbox Series X|S. 
  • The design uses the “Blades” tabs that were iconic in the early days of the Xbox 360, but with a more open page view that allows players to see modern versions of game and app icons.

The user interface (UI) for a gaming console changes drastically over time, and has done so ever since online connectivity became an expectation instead of a bonus. One concept artist has created a “what-if” for how it would look if Microsoft revisited the original Xbox 360 UI for updating the Xbox Series X|S consoles. 

Concept artist Elliot Parker created a rendition of the Xbox 360 “Blades” UI being used with the Xbox Series X|S. In this design, the individual “Blades” tabs function much like on the Xbox 360, allowing players to sort through Games, Apps, Settings, and more. Meanwhile, the actual page space looks more modern, with similar icon designs for apps and games. You can watch the full thing below:

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