Asobo Studio is reportedly developing a racing game for Xbox 360

According to new rumors, Asobo is prototyping a new racing game for Xbox, possibly a kart racing game.

Speaking during the 125th episode of the XboxEra podcast, insider Nick Shpeshal said he heard that Asobo Studio was working on a prototype of a new racing game for Xbox that would actually be a kart racing game.

Since there is no kart racing in the main Xbox lineup, the concept could be some sort of decision that Microsoft and Asobo are considering. According to Baker, the concept is still working early, so it’s still not possible to see if it will eventually be a real game.

The previous Xbox game, Microsoft Flight Simulator, simulates the terrain of the entire Earth on Bing Maps. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a 3D representation tool that combines cloud computing with real-world data to create real-time weather and effects.

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