Amazon PS5 Restock Spotted Selling for $475: Change in Restock?

A PS5 restock tracker Twitter account has just surfaced with new stock on Amazon. The sad part about the news is that it was described as a “used” console.

PS5 Restock Tracker Twitter Accounts No Longer Sharing Much News About New Stock

One way some buyers were able to purchase the in-demand PlayStation 5 was with the help of restock trackers like Wario64 on Twitter. These accounts would tweet out whenever new stock would be spotted online.

The type of stock that usually make notifications are either bundles or single consoles both brand new. Now, the PS5 In Stock Tracker Twitter account has shared a notification of a “used” PlayStation 5 being sold at the Amazon Warehouse for $475.


How to Get the Amazon PS5 Restock

Fans that want to purchase the PS5 from Amazon, however, will have to follow a more complicated route. When users go to Amazon and search for the Amazon’s Choice PlayStation 5 Console, they will be able to see a “Request Invitation” button on the side (for browser users).

As per the site, the console is available by invitation and the high-demand item will only be available in limited quantities. The site also notes that not all requests will be granted meaning not everyone might be able to get their hands on the new console.

Buyers Need to ‘Request Invitation’ from Amazon to Purchase the PS5 Restock

Amazon also notes that the most recent wave of invites was sent on September 2 for customers that qualify. For those that want to get a chance at purchasing the PS5 restock from Amazon, they will have to first click on the “Request invitation” button and follow the steps.

Despite launching over a year ago, the PS5 restock has still been in extreme scarcity due to multiple factors within the industry. These factors include the semiconductor shortage, the fact that most orders are done online, and the growth of people that want to start gaming at home.

Sony to Increase the Prices of Its PlayStation 5 Console

Just recently Sony announced that it will be raising the prices for its PS5 consoles in an article by Digital Trends. The reason behind the price increase was reportedly inflation as well as currency trends.

Luckily, buyers that are located in the United States will not be affected. Jim Ryan, the CEO of PlayStation, announced that the global economic environment is a challenge that a lot of people in the world are experiencing. 

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Prices in the United States Might Increase in the Future

The PlayStation CEO then noted that they are seeing high global inflation rates and even adverse currency trends which are impacting consumers and resulting in pressure on a lot of industries.

The article notes that it remains unclear as to whether the price increase will potentially hit the United States sometime in the future. It was also mentioned that “Sony can always change its mind in the future.”

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