ALMGHTY and Omega Esports qualify for COD Mobile World Championship 2022: World Finals 

Singaporean squad ALMGHTY has emerged as back-to-back champions of the COD Mobile Garena Finals. The second iteration of the event was held from September 9 to September 18, 2022. The team managed to best the talented squad of Omega Esports in the Grand Finals by a scoreline of 4-3.

Both teams have now qualified for the COD Mobile World Championship 2022: World Finals (Stage 5). Blacklist Ultimate, the 2021 Eastern Champions, missed out on the World Championship spot after being eliminated by Omega in the lower bracket finals. The side had started their campaign quite well this year but faltered towards the end of the competition.

🏆 The 2021 Eastern Champions end their 2022 World Championship Run placing 3rd in Garena Regional Qualifiers.They will not be playing in the Stage 5 of #CODMChamps22.

COD Mobile Garena Finals summary

The group stage of the contest featured a total of 12 teams that were divided into two groups of six teams each. All the matches were played in a Best of 3 (BO3) format, with the top three teams from each group moving to the Playoffs.

In Group A, ABC, ALMGHTY, and Blacklist Ultimate managed to secure the top three spots, while Omega, DG, and WDC Freeslot captured the top three in the second group.

Grand Finals results (Image via COD Mobile Garena)
Grand Finals results (Image via COD Mobile Garena)

Switching to the Playoffs, Blacklist and ALMGHTY claimed the wins in their first two matches to reach the upper bracket finals. Both teams then faced each other, with ALMGHTY emerging victorious and advancing to the grand finals.

After losing their first match, Omega dropped to the lower bracket but displayed fabulous performances to move to the grand finals. ALMGHTY had a bonus point advantage over Omega in the finals as they qualified through the upper bracket. It was an exciting match between both teams, but the former managed to win the event.

Qualified teams for COD Mobile World Championship 2022 World Finals

So far, 14 teams have qualified for the World Championship finals:

  1. GodLike (India)
  2. Team Vitality (India)
  3. Inko Gaming (Brazil)
  4. Skade (Brazil)
  5. Influence Chemin (Brazil)
  6. Scarz (Japan)
  7. Nova Esports (Europe)
  8. Animus (Europe)
  9. Limitless Esports (Europe)
  10. Tribe Gaming ( North America)
  11. UN Dream (North America)
  12. NYSL Mayhem (North America)
  13. ALMGHTY (Singapore)
  14. Omega Esports (Philippines)
  15. TBD (China)
  16. TBD (China)

The offline mega event is scheduled to occur from December 9 to December 11, with the top 16 teams from the eight regional competitions battling for the coveted trophy and a chunk of the massive $1.7 million prize pool.

Until now, 14 finalists for the COD Mobile World Championship Finals have been determined. The other two spots will be filled by those that qualify from the Chinese regional tournaments.

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