Akane hacks and attacks on Xbox and PlayStation

Did you know the dangers of slashing and doing so, now that no tomorrow? Akane is on Xbox and PlayStation.

The game is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 3 and Xbox5, as well as PC that has been available a little bit. The Akane hack-and-slash affair thrusts you into Mega Tokyo.

It’s the year 2121, and the bright neon light of Mega Tokyo is shining. One of the largest, most important, buildings is a place that means that most people can control their own business. Among those left alone, there are still lands of forgotten origin. poverty-stricken places of abundant poverty. When the Yankuza tries to watch out over these places, the hell can move away.

Here you’re heading out. You play As Angola whereas you are the sole of a man, but a man who’s resented after the death of his parents is like a man. Of course revenge comes to Akane by an old hacking technique, then done by slashing… It is that you’ll be the focus of your journey through Japan.

The Akane feeling is a great antithesis. The chances of this addiction can come, as you take them through such formidable enemies as you, will be the lion. The killing zone awaits with all the keys, all in an equal measure.

  • Master addictively fluid hack-and-slash combat using trusty katana and pistol.
  • When you die and the accident slowly return to action.
  • Enemies spawn gradually at an increase in speed, thus keeping your toes on.
  • Unleash the dragon slash and the dragon slayer – special attacks that require adrenaline to execute enemies.
  • Do everything you can to your boss to get revenge on Akanes! He develops and steroids are a result of the death of his soldiers, so stay sharp to succeed.
  • Work to score up achievements like a shooting of 50 opponents in a playthrough or reaching 30 kills with 100% accuracy.
  • Do everything you can to unlock extras for combat, such as new katanas, pistols, cigarettes, boots and gadgets.
  • Get in the dead zone with flashy pixel graphics and a heart-thumping soundtrack.

Akane is a very cheap purchase, which is now at $3,29 on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Find it on PS4, PS5 and PC also, and hold tight for our full review thoughts.

Game Description:

Akane is a more advanced 2D game, where you must eliminate as many enemies before losing. I’m an armed sword game. It contains large blood, violence, and movie-themed characters. All mixed with the bright colors and futuristic urban environments of the cyberpunk style. Mega Tokyo, 2121. The city that has a population density of 100,000 inhabitants per square kilometer, is made of colossal buildings that are complex, assemblages and megastructures in the middle of the street. Big corporations have the huge power over the city. In the lost and abandoned areas, poverty is plentiful. A mess of houses and shops. Often crime, robberies, and trafficking occur. The Yakuza are extorting a merchant to pay much in exchange for protection. The mob murdered Akane, who was four years old when her parents were murdered. She became the only king of a hat, with only her katana, and her scream and wish for revenge against every member of the Yakuza clan. Years after killing the seven homeless people of the rural area, Akane started to spread the bowels of Mega Tokyo, and fight the city’s criminals. She was cornered by a horde of men in the suburb of Mega Tokyo. She will die tomorrow. So how many enemies will she take for her before her fate is inevitable?

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