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Many people find themselves in situations in which they need something to help them pass the time. Be it in public transport or waiting in line, one option comes as the best way to pass time, that being your mobile device and the apps on it. In today’s world, almost everyone has a smartphone that grants them access to a plethora of apps to use.

As mobile phones evolve the apps that accompany them do the same. There are thousands of apps readily available to all smartphone users which makes the choice of which ones to use quite difficult. You can always go down the rabbit hole and try every app you see on the App Store but you can’t go wrong with the most popular ones. The app genres we will list here are made sure to make your time pass by faster. 

Online casino apps

Online casino apps are extremely popular. For a high-end gambling experience, individuals used to travel to major cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, but nowadays the majority prefer to play on their phones at online casinos. 

These websites offer flawless mobile compatibility, and they even have specialized applications that make it easier for players to play all their favorite casino games. If you are indecisive about which casinos app to download, a great way to choose is to take a look at and their reviews of online casinos. 

Mobile game apps

Mobile gaming is a phenomenon that has taken gamers and people by storm. Allowing you to play games wherever you are with even some ports of your favorite childhood games. Besides these many popular superhero games exist allowing you to play with your favorite characters MARVEL and DC. 

These games are not limited to single-player, as titles like PUBG mobile exist as multiplayer options and are quite popular. Allowing players to compete against other users, with the option of playing with your friends. Mobile gaming is the easiest way into the industry since computers are quite expensive.

Puzzle apps

Nothing passes time faster than using all of your brain’s capacity focused on a specific problem. Puzzles are an amazing tool to efficiently pass time as you get smarter and have fun all at the same time. No matter your puzzle preference there exist apps for almost all types of puzzles. 

With some of the most popular are the classics like sudoku, brain tests, and the king of puzzles match-three puzzle video games.

The most popular of which is Candy Crush, a game whose name rings a bell in almost anyone’s mind. The sheer popularity of the game proves how good at passing time and how fun matching three puzzles truly are.

Social media and news apps

The last apps we are going to mention are amazing time sinks and are arguably the most popular apps that exist currently. These are of course social media apps that offer their users endless content while also serving as the main platform for many entrepreneurs and businesses. Some of the most notable ones that make time pass by quickly are Instagram and TikTok. This free-form system of seemingly endless videos and memes makes for a great way to pass time.

On the other hand, many people don’t like to consume video content be it because it drains a lot of mobile data or they prefer reading the news. This is exactly why many tabloids have worked hard to make the best possible apps to deliver news as fast as possible. The added benefit of this is that you will always have something to read about in many different categories from many different tabloids.

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